SAFA Reader

SAFA Reader 2.0

SAFA Reader is a screen reader for indian languages
The program is available on Software Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site
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No longer supported by the developer

SAFA Reader is a screen reader for indian languages.
Advances in synthetic speech have lead to the development of screen reader software, which can capture text from the computer and transform it into the audio form, which is then used by the visually impaired persons or person with low vision.
This technology has provided numerous opportunities to the visually impaired persons including the jobs as programmers, call centers, venturing in to new fields such as science & math, and others.
SAFA can detect the text language on the fly and calls the relevant TTS for speaking it. So now one can have a multilingual document and read it with SAFA at one go without having to change or install TTS again & again. The latest version of SAFA is supporting following languages:
* Hindi.
* English.
* Sanskrit.
* Tamil.
* Marathi.
* Bangali.
* Nepali.
* Gujarati.
* Kannada.
* Telugu.

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